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Maintain your most important asset, your body at a cellular level.

The air we breathe, the water we drink, even the foods we eat contain substances that may be damaging to our cells. Any tissue that is exposed to the environment, including the skin and the linings of the respiratory and gastrointestinal passages, is especially vulnerable. (one study in the U.S. found residues of pesticides in 33% of samples of baby food.)


The quality of water is important to our hair, nails, internal organs, blood digestive system, body tissue, total body function. Drink 2 litres of ionised water a day. Sportsman will need twice the amount. For old and sedentary lifestyle, drink 1.5 litres to 2 litres of pure water.


Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) - indoor air is more polluted than outdoor air. Skin allergy and respiratory tract problem can be caused by dust mites, bacteria, virus, air borne pathogens, pollen, molds, fungi, algae, chemicals, smoke, etc.


Avoid eating overprocessed, preserved and oily or fried, fast foods or cooked with microwave. Avoid anything you do not want to put on your skin. Eat some protein, keep carbohydrates as low as possible, unless you do strenuous exercise. Plant foods are the best source of protein. Obtain your minerals and vitamins from organic foods (green leafy vegetables and fruits) rather than meat or beverages or soft drinks.


Inactivity is a killer. Exercise at least 6 hours a week. Aerobics, muscles or strength building is vital. Stretching and bending exercise can help relieve stress; prayer, visualisation and relaxation techniques can further reduce stress and, can be used for the management of pain caused by injuries to muscles, nerves, and bone tissues.


Change a few bad habits, e.g. substitute white bread with wholewheat bread or start eating fresh fruits instead of sweet desserts. Drink ionised or pure water instead of coke. Sleep before 11-30 p.m. and no late dinner. Frequent late dinner must be avoided! (can lead to accelerated weight gain and ageing).


Sunlight is the best medicine. Scientists in Israel have succesfully used the spectrum of light within range of 660 nm and 940 nm for the treatment of skin ulcers, herpes simplex, diabetic wounds, rhumatism, joint pain and arthritis. Try exposing your bare body to 20 minutes of mild sunlight between 8-00 a.m. and 10-00 a.m. or the late afternoon sun.

Similarly, use ultraviolet light and ozone from high voltage generator (lightning) to sterilize and sanitize your rooms on a regular basis to prevent harmful contaminants from causing health related problem. Maintaining air quality and ionic balance in our home can significantly contribute to a restful sleep and our family well-being