H2O-PCT Sealed Portable Countertop Water Filter

Products H2O-PCT Sealed Portable Countertop Water Filter

Recommended Flow : 1.9 L/min

Max Capacity : 11,400 L

Dimensions : 25.4cm (height) x 7cm (diameter)

Weight : 1.1Kg

Product Description

H2O-PCT is a Compact Portable Countertop ideal for bathroom sink or tight spaces.

  • 5 Stage filtration and purification system
  • Installs in minutes without tools
  • Fits any faucet, Adapters included
  • Compact, light and economical
  • Sealed Construction
  • Bacteriostatic media: Prevents bacteria growth
  • Improves taste
  • Eliminate odors
  • Removes hundreds of contaminants
  • Laboratory tested
  • 1 year warranty
  • Made in the U.S.A

The Solution to Water Pollution: Our systems contain a bacteriostatic patented media, KDF� (U.S. Patent 4,642,192), which has been tested to drastically reduce or effectively remove: Chlorine, Lead, Arsenic, Barium, Cadmium, Chromium, Selenium, Mercury, Iron and other metals that may be present in the water. KDF� is listed under NSF standard 61 (Health Effects) for water treatment plant applications.

The Coconut Shell Granular Activated Carbon is used to improve the taste and odor and remove: Chlorine, THMs, PCBs and hundreds of other organic contaminants that may be present in the water.