Iso-Ion Confort Plus

Products Iso-Ion Confort Plus

Air Delivery Rate : 120m3/h (High Spd) or 52 m3/h (Low spd)

Dimensions : 300x120x200mm

Weight : 2.4 Kg

Electrical : 16-40 Watts 230V 50Hz

Negative Ion Production : Minimum 250.000 ions/cm3/ at 1m

Product Description

The Iso-Ion Confort Plus+ is a result of scientific and medical research to raise the the well being of man, animal and plant. The efficiency is scientifically documented by the Max Planck Institute, Frankfurt/M., Germany. Filtersystem with electrostatic filter and active charcoal filter which withholds 98% of particles up to 0.01 micron.

The Sophisticated Filter system of the ISO-ION Confort Plus+

  • The pre-filter holds back bigger particles such as fibres, hair etc.
  • The Electrete Filter retains fine dust and prevents noxious agents such as smoke, pollen, dust, germs from entering the lungs.
  • The activated charcoal filter holds back gases such as ozone, and smelling odours
  • The ioniser charges the dust particles through ionisation ( negative and positive ions ) and forming bigger parts called clusters which remain trapped in the electrostatic filter.

ISO-ION Confort Plus+ with integrated ionisation
The Swiss air purifier holds back even the thinnest dust particles and odours. It makes sure that the air you breathe is filled with energy and the pollutants are removed faster.
People feel more capable, more concentrated and less tired when the air is ionised 

The world-wide unique airpurifier with
negative and positive ionisation
Our air is a complex mixture of several gases, with dioxide and oxygen as main parts. These gas molecules are partly loaded with a small quantity of electricity, in other words they are ionised.

The amount between positive and negative ions have a great impact on our well-being according to scientific research results. The latest test results show that illnesses such as migraine, bronchitis, asthma, hay fever and general indisposition can be increased or diminished depending on the amount of ionised air.

Unfortunately, air conditioners that should provide fresh air, are to be mainly blamed for the low quantity of ionised air in working areas. The treated air is blown through metal pipes, causing the ions to discharge themselves against the grounded metal ducts.

Reduction of electro-static charge
Electro-static loading in living and working areas - carpets, electric discharge when touching door handle - can be diminished.

Allow yourself and your family that basic need for clean air!