Products XJ-800

Rated Voltage : AC/DC 12V

Dimensions : 140x90x50mm

Weight : 180 g

Rated Voltage : AC/DC 12V

Power Consumption : 3W

Ion Output : ≥ 1x105/cm3

Active oxygen output : ≤ 0.04 ppm

Product Description

Surround Air brand Air Purifier with Anion Generator for vehicle using high voltage electron discharge principle, instantaneously produces negative oxygen ions which are beneficial to human health, continuously providing your vehickle with clean and fresh air.

  • Plugs directly into Your Cigarette Lighter Socket with Fused DC Power Cord
  • Removes Pollutants from Your Personal Space
  • Includes Fragrance Pellets to Surround You with a Pleasant Soothing Scent - Refills Available
  • Uses No Chemicals
  • Quiet Operating Fan
  • Includes Adhesive Strips for Quick and Easy Placement Anywhere